In 2006 SANALarc started to document the tectonic structures of Istanbul’s street markets in terms of their components, structural methods, use of urban space and economic networks. Over the years, our curiosity about these ephemeral structures and their making process has transformed into one of our studio's key research projects. The research is focused on The Pazar Making's micro and macro urban design and architectural aspects as well as the social and political implications of the markets in social anthropology, social economy and spatial policy.

The greater research team is currently preparing for an exhibition that can travel world-wide to share our fascination and insights of the open-market structures. In addition we are planning a more in-depth publication including wider discussions by the network of pazar thinkers on food security, public policy and open-air market practices in other cultures.



2016 Arkitera Interview


2015 STUDIO X ISTANBUL Printing Project Grant

The Pazar: The Urban and Tectonic Structures of Istanbul's Open Markets


2014 The Graham Foundation Research and Development Grant

The Pazar: The Urban and Tectonic Structures of Istanbul's Open Markets

Video Documentations:


2014 SALT 90 TALKS


2012 Commissions first video documentation


2008 Knots matrix is documented



Alexis Sanal, Murat Sanal, Semra Horuz, Sinem Serap Duran, Selva Gurdoğan Thomsen, Gregers Tang Thomsen, Derya İyikul, Beyza Gurdoğan, Şule Kurşuncu, Betul Nuhoğlu, Sina Dressler Internships: Burak Saatcioğlu, Sedat Arda, Sevgi Turan, İrem Coşkun



Drawings/Illustrations/Texts: SANALarc

Maps: Superpool

Video: Sinem Serap Duran

Graphic Design: Martin N. Hinze

Font: Ediz Pinar



Yoshiko Tsuruta, Candan Türkkan, Freek Janssens, Ceren Sezer, Gökhan Karakus



Anadolu Yakası Pazarcılar Odası General Secretary



For further information please write to Alexis Sanal